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Thursday, September 1, 2011

3 of the Best iPhone 4 Accessories review

3 of the Best iPhone 4 Accessories review   by Stanley Djagbo

in Technology / Cell Phones    (submitted 2011-09-01)

Ever since Apple starting making the iPhone 4, many other companies (as well as Apple itself) have been busy creating accessories for it. It's hard to keep up with all the products that are made for the iPhone 4, so you have to pay attention if you want to stay informed. To help you stay current on this topic, we'll be reviewing a few helpful iPhone 4 accessories in this article.
Do you spend the majority of your day in the car?, you'll want a travel charger to go along with you whether commuting to and from work or on the road traveling distances near and far. No matter where you are traveling charging on the go is a convenient way to ensure your battery lasts as long as you r work day might. You have options to choose from in a car or mobile charger. Many of them will charge your phone using the power from your car's cigarette lighter. Seek out the best price on these chargers directly from apple or look online for better pricing from online retailers with comparable products. Aside from a car charger, it's a good idea to have a wall charger with you as well when you're traveling.
There are also accessories for those who like to take quality videos. Pictures and videos are only a few of the little known secrets of your phone. Although using your phone for these actions isn't ideal. One accessory you should look for if you do shoot video is the steadicam smothee. This accessory can be used just like a regular iPod to keep you r camera steady as you film moving pictures. This item is of high quality, it's durable and ergonomic too. $200 is the price tag you'll find on this accessory but it is worth it in the long run for the equality videos you'll get.
A cool accessory that can let you connect or charge your iPhone to your speakers, computer or TV is the iPhone 4 Dock. So you're able to charge your iPhone even while your phone remains upright and you can still be viewing pics or other apps. If you keep your iPhone in the dock, you always know where it is. Another option is to get an Apple Universal Dock, which is more expensive, but which works with any Apple device as long as you have the dock inserts that go with the device. In summary, the number of iPhone accessories available is vast, but be sure to only consider the ones you'll actually need. You probably don't need every accessory that you hear about, even though many of them sound tempting. You might have found some of the accessories within this article to be ideal for you and others not so much. You'll find there are still new iPhone accessories being released all the time, so stay tuned.

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